Back to the Drawing Board

After all of my work in Texas getting my first 11 panels into the ground, I was able to submit my Gold Award Application! However, I am not done with this project yet. There are still more panels to design, activities to build, and events to plan!

My goal is to complete the final 7 panels by September so that they can be printed and shipped to Texas to be installed before the Grand Opening during October. I hope that these will be easier to create, as most will require less work to procure:

  • Introduction to the Forest Edge trail
  • Introduction to the Water’s Edge trail
  • Introduction the the Meadow trail
  • Birds on the Powerline
  • Camouflage
  • Finding Food
  • Feathers in Flight

The past week after getting home from Texas, I have created sketches of each of the panels, and now I have begun drawing birds to go onto the “Introduction to the Forest Edge” Panel. Here’s what I have so far!

This tree is a tracing of the tree from the Pure Hope Foundation logo.
The Eastern Kingbird is the spokesbird for the Forest Edge panel.
Blue jays live in open woodlands, and will imitate the sound of a hawk to warn their friends of danger, or to trick other birds!
Summer Tanagers come up to Texas during their breeding season, so they are not around all year long. However, I felt like this panel needed some extra color.
The Carolina Wren lives both in Texas and in my home in North Carolina. We have one that often visits are feeders, so it felt right to include him.

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