Welcome to the Forest Edge

The work on the new panels started slow, but it is accelerating as I get back into the groove of art and graphic design to create this next project.

Out of the 7 panels that I hope to accomplish throughout the rest of the summer, I have finished one so far: Welcome to the Forest Edge. In this panel, my goal is to introduce visitors to the habitat of the trails, as well as highlight some additional birds that do not appear in their own graphic panel.

My paper rough draft contained the general outline for the finished Adobe product.

After 2 weeks of drawing birds, I completed the panel in Adobe Illustrator.

The tree is the same shape as the tree in the Pure Hope Foundation logo, and the Eastern Kingbird’s crown

The artwork was complete, although the words were difficult to read. Obviously, it needed a final touching up, so I sent it to Ms. Lucy Pless, a professional grahpic design artist, who had also helped with previous panels.

The final product!

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