Face-hole Cutouts for the Grand Opening

Now that my Gold Award has officially been completed, I am beginning to wind down my work on this project. All that is left to do is to prepare for the Grand Opening on October 9th this year.

And prepare I have! The welcome center pergola, completion of the introductory panels and map, and all the other bits and pieces of work I have been doing after my trip to Texas this summer have been in preparation for the Grand Opening, where I will be able to hand off my finished product to the Pure Hope Foundation to maintain and develop.

Perhaps next summer, I will create a more panels or activities for the trails, but for now, I am content with the trails as they are.

Anyways, I wanted to create one final activity for the Grand Opening, and so decided that my final creation this summer would be… face-hole cutouts! The fun posters of people or animals with a space for your face in a place where you can stick your head in and take a picture of yourself as a cowboy, or dragon, or whatever. In the case of my project, it is obvious that it would be birds!

For each of the face-hole cutouts, I chose my favorite drawings that I had done so far, then blew them up to scale and added the word-art. Out of all of the art that I had done over the entire project, the kestrel ended up being my favorite!
After putting them all up in my driveway, I got some neighbors to come help with a photoshoot! The heights of each are adjustable, so it can accommodate all ages.

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