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Grand Opening of the Nature Trails

It is finally finished! After all of the work that has been done by so many amazing people, the trails have officially been completed. This weekend, I travelled to Texas for the Grand Opening of the Pure Hope Foundation Nature Trails. Since I last saw them over the summer, much has happened. The three introductory …

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Face-hole Cutouts for the Grand Opening

Now that my Gold Award has officially been completed, I am beginning to wind down my work on this project. All that is left to do is to prepare for the Grand Opening on October 9th this year. And prepare I have! The welcome center pergola, completion of the introductory panels and map, and all …

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Welcome to the Trails! (Water’s Edge, Meadow, and Trail Map)

After a week’s worth of work and a late night pulling everything together, I completed not only the Water’s Edge Panel, but an additional trail map put together based on Google Earth and my own illustrations. Water’s Edge Panel: Much like the Forest Edge Panel, the Water’s Edge Panel is an introduction to both the …

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Breaking News!

Hello once again! Today is a very special day because I just got an official announcement from the Girl Scout Gold Award Committee that I had earned my Gold Award! It was a lot of hard work, and I am grateful to the committee for this achievement. Of course, this does not mean that I …

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Welcome to the Forest Edge

The work on the new panels started slow, but it is accelerating as I get back into the groove of art and graphic design to create this next project. Out of the 7 panels that I hope to accomplish throughout the rest of the summer, I have finished one so far: Welcome to the Forest …

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Back to the Drawing Board

After all of my work in Texas getting my first 11 panels into the ground, I was able to submit my Gold Award Application! However, I am not done with this project yet. There are still more panels to design, activities to build, and events to plan! My goal is to complete the final 7 …

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“Measure Your Wingspan” Part 5

It’s the fifth and final installment of the “Measure Your Wingspan” saga. The past few days has been dedicated solely to its installment, and today it was finally put into the ground! Thursday (6/24/21) On Thursday, we travelled back to the J&M sign shop, this time with the wingspan board (we were very careful to …

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Installing Panels at Pure Hope Ranch

The past week has been a buzz out at Pure Hope Ranch. Now that I finally have the time to spend writing rather than outside digging holes and pouring concrete, allow me to explain what’s been going on! Tuesday (6/15/21): After hard work out at the ranch placing flags to mark the positions of the …

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Mt. Vernon Rotary Club

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to present my project (and how it benefits the work of the Pure Hope Foundation) to the Mt. Vernon Rotary Club! Rotary Club is an international civic organization that has a chapter in Mt. Vernon. It was an incredible opportunity to raise awareness of my project and the work …

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Pure Hope Ranch

Yesterday, I arrived in Mt. Vernon, Texas. Today, I had the opportunity to drive out to Pure Hope Ranch with my mom. We spent the whole morning out there, gathering materials, planning the locations for the panels, and witnessing the pouring of concrete for the pad where the Welcome Center Pergola will be built. Our …

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