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“Measure Your Wingspan” Part 5

It’s the fifth and final installment of the “Measure Your Wingspan” saga. The past few days has been dedicated solely to its installment, and today it was finally put into the ground! Thursday (6/24/21) On Thursday, we travelled back to the J&M sign shop, this time with the wingspan board (we were very careful to …

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Installing Panels at Pure Hope Ranch

The past week has been a buzz out at Pure Hope Ranch. Now that I finally have the time to spend writing rather than outside digging holes and pouring concrete, allow me to explain what’s been going on! Tuesday (6/15/21): After hard work out at the ranch placing flags to mark the positions of the …

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Pure Hope Ranch

Yesterday, I arrived in Mt. Vernon, Texas. Today, I had the opportunity to drive out to Pure Hope Ranch with my mom. We spent the whole morning out there, gathering materials, planning the locations for the panels, and witnessing the pouring of concrete for the pad where the Welcome Center Pergola will be built. Our …

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“Measure Your Wingspan” Part 3

Now that school is over, I was able to really start working on my projects. In particular, that meant that I had the entire day to complete the paintings on my “Measure You Wingspan” panel! Because I need to allow the paint to dry in between layers, there was only so much that I could …

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“Measure Your Wingspan” Part 2

This weekend was dedicated to painting my wingspan board! Next week, I will probably be unable to make any progress because I will be busy studying for my exams, so I made sure to make this week count! Saturday (5/15/21): Sunday (5/16/21):

“Measure Your Wingspan”

I have 3 weeks left until the end of school, which is when I will be travelling to Texas to set up the 11 graphic panels that I have designed throughout the entire school year. They are being printed now on high quality materials, so when I get to Texas, they will all be ready …

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